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Location "Rupertiwinkel" - work where others go on holiday...
The Rosenberger parent company is situated in south Germany, at the heart of the Bavarian alpine upland. Tittmoning, the town in which the company was established, and today's Fridolfing company headquarters lie in beautiful Rupertiwinkel in the direct vicinity of the historic Salzach towns and cities of Laufen, Burghausen and Salzburg. Rupertiwinkel is an economic region with a high quality of life and the very best prospects. In addition, the region between Salzach and Lake Waging is a very attractive place to live indeed. The people who live here appreciate the beauty and lush nature of this region and take responsibility for their environment.
Tittmoning - Fridolfing
The first documentary evidence of the town of Tittmoning which is on the Salzach dates from the year 788. Significant ancient monuments are the well-preserved town wall, the fortress which is higher up and the churches. The townscape is characterised by the Baroque building facades. Rosenberger's successful history began in the old town at the foot of the fortress in 1958.

The thousand-year history of Fridolfing began in the year 1077. Ancient monuments are the late Gothic and neoramantic churches and the historic parsonage, today's town hall. Rosenberger has been here since 1968 and so it is the biggest employer in the municipality. This is the control hub of the worldwide Rosenberger Group.
Rosenberger Headquarters in Fridolfing - Bavaria - Germany
Rosenberger's parent company and main administration are located in the Upper Bavarian alpine upland in Germany's south-eastern corner, near to the Austrian city of Salzburg. Rosenberger was founded in 1958 in Tittmoning by Hans Rosenberger senior and, since then, has been a medium-sized industrial company owned by the family. In 1968, the company moved to today's factory premises in neighbouring Fridolfing and the company thus launched into the area of high-frequency engineering.